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Back to school means packing lunch. Need a fun back to school lunch idea? Make a fish bento box. Simple and Easy, even the most non-crafty mom can do it.

Fishy Fishy Back to School Lunch Idea Bento Box


  • Sandwich
  • A circle
  • A heart cookie cutter
  • Carrots


  1. The first step is simple. Make a sandwich.
  2. Once the sandwich is made, you will need to cut a circle. Make the circle to the far side corner.
  3. Fishy sandwich cutting the circle
  4. Next, you will want to make a heart that is missing its point. Use the heart cookie cutter or freehand cut the top of the heart. Make sure the pointy end hangs off the bread.
  5. Cut the fin out of the sandwich
  6. Next, assemble the fish. Place the pieces need to each other. I like to use a small piece of carrot for the eye and mouth, but cheese works too.
  7. Fishy Sandwich for lunch
  8. Now the fishy fishy sandwich is ready. Kids will love to see this little fish swimming in their lunch box.